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Take your passion for snow sports to the next level by attending an applicant-screening day (Ski With A Patroller Day) where you are invited to work with Soda Springs National Ski Patrol. This is your opportunity to learn more about how the patrol operates and what is expected of its members, as well as a chance for the patrol to evaluate your individual talents and abilities.

Contact our Patrol Rep, Kevin Rautenstrauch, for more information and to arrange for a ski or ride screening. On those day, plan to show up at 8:30 in the First Aid Room (FAR) and expect to ski all day.

Applicants who pass the ski or ride test are accepted as candidates and may be required to register and pay dues as candidates before participating in any on-the-hill training.

Our candidate training typically starts on the second weekend in January. Training days are both Saturday and Sunday and will continue every other weekend for a total of six weekends. Saturday is Ski and Toboggan training and Sunday is OEC training. Twelve training days are mandatory for all candidates.

You will need good all weather ski clothing; we will be training in all weather conditions. Skis & boots in good condition and properly adjusted. Alpine, Snowboard, and Nordic skiers are all welcome.

The following information will familiarize you with the requirements of the NSP and Soda Springs Ski Patrol as a candidate and basic patroller. You will spend the first season as a candidate training on the mountain and will maintain candidate status until you have completed your Outdoor Emergency Care (OEC) course, On the Hill Ski & Toboggan training, and On the Hill OEC testing. The OEC course is a classroom course given during the summer/fall months. If you are a qualified First responder or physician, you may challenge the OEC course. The OEC challenge course tests individuals on the same material that is taught in the standard OEC course. 

Soda Springs Ski Patrol

Candidate training program, course summary


On the hill training subjects:

        Sled handling



        Ski area familiarity

        Area closures

        Lift operations and closing procedures

        Lift evacuation and area crisis plan

        Avalanche rescue and alerting

        Risk management

        Radio communications

        Ropes and knots


NSP knowledge subjects:

        History of the NSP

        NSP organization

        Legal responsibilities

        Accident reporting

        Patrol procedures

        Avalanche awareness


Patrol days begin at 8:00 am; Patrollers and candidates are to be dressed and ready to go by 8:30 in the First Aid Room (FAR). Following the morning meeting, hill set up begins at 8:30 and candidate training begins around 10:00. All candidates and patrollers are required to close the resort for sweep at 4:05. The resort is officially closed when all patrollers have returned to the FAR or are accounted for after sweep. A radio call is made to Dispatch that mountain closing procedures have been completed.

At the end of the Saturday training days, there may be a short lecture on the NSP knowledge subjects in the FAR.

Candidates are required to purchase a copy of the NSP Patrollers handbook. The Outdoor Emergency Care (OEC) book is required for the summer OEC course.

We welcome candidate patrollers to shadow a patroller on day other than regular training days using the following procedures. Call one of the patrollers who is signed up to patrol that day and verify with them that you would like to shadow them on the hill. It is important to arrive on time, to remain all day, and assist with sweep.

As a Basic patroller, you will be required to patrol 10 days.

Patrol days must be on weekends and holidays only. Holidays are defined by the Soda Springs Ski Resort manager.

Soda Springs Ski Patrol encourages further education and advanced patroller levels. Once you become a basic patroller, you will be encouraged to work toward your Senior level patroller, to attend avalanche and mountaineering courses, and to obtain NSP instructor status in many disciplines.

The following is required equipment and clothing:

        Ski Patroller Handbook

        NSP/Ski Patrol red parka or vest

        Black pants

        Patrollers medical pack or vest and supplies.


Patroller annual requirements:

        Soda Springs NSP dues are paid during OEC refresher training

        Dues paid directly to National Division of NSP per their notification/billing cycle

        OEC Refresher

        On the Hill Training

        Toboggan check off (first day patrolling)

        10 Required patrol days. Patrol days must be on weekends and holidays only.